Almost missed the plane?  How could that be when I arrived with so much time to spare?
The alarm was set but not needed as I was too excited for Barcelona to sleep. Packed and ready to go I headed to the train station while most of the towns people slept. Who booked this early flight I wondered and remembered, I did. It was nice to see a few other people were also waiting for the train at that hour.

A nice couple began chatting with me. Their English was far better than my Portuguese. They were enroute to visit family in Italy. We had the train mostly to ourselves until we got closer to the city. They offered to share a cab from the train to the airport. I accepted. When we arrived at the airport, they refused to let me pay my share. They were paying it forward and I was to be the recipent of their kindness.  How does this happen to me twice in my life?

A few years back I went to visit a sister in New York City. I was to take a cab to her place as per her instructions. As I waited my turn at the taxi stand,  a mother and son were in line in front of me. We struck up a conversation and they offered to share the cab with me. I accepted. They were from Denver and in New York to visit family. We arrived at their destination first and the women paid the whole fare including mine. I was so grateful and surprised to say the least. Someone had paid it forward and I was the recipient. It was my turn to pay it forward.

Gestures of kindness do not all have a financial string attached.  This I learned in repeatedly over the last couple of years.  I am in debited to many who paid it forward to me by showing random acts of kindness.

A few years passed since that cab ride in New York City. I found myself sharing a cab into the city once more. This time I was first to arrive and my turn to pay it forward.  I was so grateful to be able to extend the kindness was given so freely to me.


So how did I almost miss the plane? I got lost in the moment of how wonderful my life is. I put my headphones on and sat at the gate singing to myself. Since I don’t know the language I was going by the sign that said I was at the right gate for that flight.  Problem was I didn’t hear them announce a gate change while I sat there.  Fortunately I plugged back into what was happening around me and ran to the right gate. Making it in time to be the last to board. The first to arrive the last to leave.