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The map may show that this is the way, but it can be wrong.
The other day on my walk around the Mata with head phones blaring I was stopped by an elderly woman trying to get my attention.
In this country I could be a super model. Not because I am dropped dead gorgeous, thou I have been told I look like a particular actress. Only for the reason that I seem to tower over many of the people here. They are not height challenged, they like I are elderly and shrinking.
I have spent a good portion of my adult life being blessed with adopting some mighty fine seniors. I was not fortunate to grow up with living grandparents. So I decided that if I liked them I would keep these wise soul on my path. Only it is really hard to keep anyone. When you are making friends with people decades older than you chance are they won’t be around to see you elderly. The gift of meeting,loving,sharing people who have been there done that, is the story of what was happening before I got here.
On these castle grounds many stories have been crossed.
So even thou I could not understand much of what this women was trying to ask me, I was able to figure out that the way into the castle was not the way the map said. The entrance to the castle was what she was looking for.
I hated to tell her that she was not going to be able access the castle on that path. Sounds like no big deal except this garden has some steep inclines and she had come so far up. In the time of our brief exchange her companion caught up to us. She broke the news to her. You can’t get there from here.

I couldn’t just run off and leave them. It was hot and they had no water. My mother instincts kicked in and I changed my pace so that I could see that they made it down the garden. When we reviewed the map and used sign language to show where they would need to enter the castle, they opted for the nearest cafe and I went on my way.

Some days on the path in the garden I am met by butterflies and stray cats. This day was a couple of old broads on an adventure.
Now I have a friend visiting from Sedona and I get to share this tiny town where the people are small but their hearts are big!image