It certainly has been sometime since I got back here. After much time and travels it is about time. Where did I go, well I went everywhere and there.

To travel in good health is priceless. The sites have been overwhelming and breathe taking. I could never choose just one.
The methods of travel have been varied. Sometimes by car,boats,trains and best of all my own two feet.

Some places I would love to return to. Others, well been there done that. But the place I like most is the place I currently call home. Isn’t that where my heart is? Today it is. So much of this adventure has been about putting my heart into every place I go.

I was drawn to this area of the world in part by a movie I saw a few years ago, The Way. I have in NO WAY come anything close to that much growth, but I have opened my mind and heart to a more grateful way to live.

Next time here I will get more into the sights and people I saw while I was away from here. This is not much for a do over on my BLOG, Brilliant, Loving, Obvious, Gab. But it is a start!